The Internet Is Obsessed With Red Wine Floats

We are all starting to feel the crunch of staying home and isolating ourselves due to the coronavirus outbreak. Some states are making it mandatory but people in all areas are feeling the strain and doing what they can to stay at home. It can lead to frustration and, sometimes, a little boredom.

There may be some things you can do to help pass the time. This includes playing cards, doing some cooking, or organizing and perhaps reorganizing your home. Once you get finished with that shortlist, what can you do?

People began stockpiling on essential supplies a few weeks ago. It not only included toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but they were also hitting the liquor stores as well. If you have a stock of wine at this point, you are halfway toward a fantastic cocktail that will make your life a little better.

It can be summed up in two words, “wine floats.”

It isn’t difficult to understand how to make a wine float. Pour yourself a glass of wine, add some ice cream, and enjoy. You end up with a treat that has a little sweetness, a little tanginess, and in the end, a little buzz. The measurements are completely up to you.

Hundreds of people are now posting their own versions of wine floats on Instagram. They are really worth looking into.

Here’s a Zinfandel-cherry combination.

Maybe a black raspberry chocolate concoction would be to your liking?

A rose and strawberry mixture looks refreshing.

You can also use white wines to make your wine float. Here’s a Pinot Grigio and vanilla combination.

Search Instagram for the hashtag, #winefloat and you will find many more.

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