Should You Put Salt In Your Coffee?

There are certain preferences that we struggle to wrap our minds around. Some people like to put pineapple on their pizza. Some people like to add ranch dressing to their meals. Meanwhile, there are those who do not like to drink their coffee without adding salt. This probably seems like something out of a bad movie. You know, the protagonist is tricked by some hooligans and forced to dump salt into their beverage…

However, there are people out there who are making these types of decisions on purpose. While most of us are not going to want any salt in our coffee, there is more logic to this decision than you would normally expect. Once you have taken the time to wrap your mind around the reasoning, it makes more sense than you ever could have realized.

Some coffee drinkers like to add a pinch to the actual cup once it has been made. Meanwhile, there are those who would rather add the salt to their coffee grounds. Each of these methods has its backers and they both make sense on a certain level. The theory is a simple one: the salt is added to reduce the level of bitterness. The salt is essentially tricking the brain into believing that the coffee is not as bitter as it actually seems.

Those who drink their coffee black will benefit from this hack, as black coffee tends to be more on the bitter side. This is the reason that so many coffee drinkers rely on different additives. The sugar and cream that is added to coffee to block the properties that are less tasty. Salt is typically used as a means of sprucing up the blander foods but the bitterness blocking properties are underrated.

The experts believe that you are better off adding the pinch of salt to the coffee grounds before your batch is made. This is a great way to reduce the level of bitterness of your morning brew. The taste is subtly altered without creating a salty aftertaste. When you are looking for easy ways to alter the taste of your coffee without changing the taste you love, this hack is here to help.

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