Do You Know Which Foods Need To Be Washed Before Using?

Fruits And Veggies With Edible Skin

Any fruit or veggie that has edible skin must be washed before consumption. The most effective way to wash fruits and veggies is to simply run them under cold water and lightly rub the surface. Don’t use soap, and don’t soak the fruits and veggies. Once you rinse them off, simply dry them off and you’re ready to go!

Canned Food

Yup, you read that right. You might think that your food is safe and clean within the confines of the can or jar, but what about the outside of the container? Think about how many hands have touched the can or jar before it came into your home. If you open the can without washing it, all of that bacteria has the potential to contaminate the food inside. So, the best practice is to rinse off the can itself before opening it.


You always want to wash fresh nuts before eating them. You never know just how they were harvested and handled before coming into your home. Plus, giving the nuts a good soak will wash away the chemicals used to keep parasites off of the shell. This chemical has to potential to be absorbed into your stomach and cause a mineral deficiency. When it comes to fresh nuts, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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