Here’s How to Peel Garlic the Viral Way

Lately it seems there’s always some new way to do a simple kitchen task that gets a lot of attention. These “viral” cooking techniques may be very eye-catching, but there’s always the question of if they work better than the tried and true methods we already employ. Most of us have probably not revised our garlic peeling technique in quite some time!

When it comes to peeling garlic specifically, there have been many different devices created to make the tedious task easier. From rollers to plastic tubes to spinning mechanisms, there are a lot of them on the market. Like shallots, also another member of the alum family, garlic is notoriously difficult to peel. It can take a long time to get several cloves peeled if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Emmy from the YouTube channel “Emmy Made in Japan” recently tested a new method for peeling garlic that has been going viral lately. The idea is that instead of rolling or smashing the cloves, you simply poke them with your knife and pull them from the skins while the cloves are still attached to the bulb. Find out how this works and if it’s really faster than the regular ways of peeling garlic in the video below.

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