Riverdale Star Vanessa Morgan Got A ‘Lysol Wipes Cake’ To Celebrate Her Birthday

Like many of us, celebrities are doing their best to practice social distancing and stay at home. They want to stay safe while the coronavirus outbreak is ongoing. They also tend to get bored at times so they look for ways to stay entertained and that includes Riverdale star, Vanessa Morgan. She wanted to celebrate her birthday and she had the perfect cake to do it.

Vanessa is married to professional baseball player Michael Kopech and they got married in January. Since this would’ve been their first birthday celebration together as a couple, they really didn’t want to miss it. At the same time, they didn’t want to leave home so they celebrated with a cake. As it turns out, it was more than just your normal, average cake.

What she ended up with was a Lysol wipes cake that looks almost too realistic. Her husband got it for her and presented it on a stand that read “Happy Birthday.” Compared to an actual container of wipes, it was the same size, shape and had a realistic-looking label.

A bakery in Phoenix, Arizona, Lizzy’s Sweets N’ Treats, made the cake. It was layered funfetti-flavored and was six layers, separated by vanilla icing. The bakery had already been busy making cakes that looked like toilet paper rolls for customers that were still ordering while they were in lockdown.

Although it was unusual, Vanessa was happy to celebrate her birthday and to have a fun cake to do so. “Never thought a Lysol cake would be my dream cake but here in 2020, yup it is!” she wrote on her Instagram.

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