The 10 Best Lunches You Can Get For Under $7 At Trader Joes

Grocery chain Trader Joe’s is a mecca for premade food options that are not just healthy, but affordable as well. They’re easy to enjoy out of the package or microwave.

Here is a list of some of the best lunch options that Trader Joe’s offers for just under $7. But keep in mind, the prices and products may vary from location.

1. Trader Joe’s kettle-cooked chicken soup is perfect if you’re looking for a warm and hearty meal for only $4.69

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

The soup is found in the refrigerated section of the store and is loaded with bits of chicken, carrots, and celery. The 24-ounce container has 3 servings, so you can share it with friends, or just enjoy it solo.

2. The Italian-style wrap is ready to eat

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

Pick it up in the grab-and-go section of Trader Joe’s, and is packed with smoked ham, salami, Provolone cheese, and a creamy Dijon mustard all inside of a whole wheat tortilla. And the best part is it’s only $3.99.

3. If you’re looking for something warmer you can get the Greek-style chicken from the microwavable section

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

The Greek-inspired meal is large enough to share, and it features orzo, spinach, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and sun-dried tomatoes that are topped with sliced chicken which has been seasoned with garlic and oregano and finished with a lemon and olive oil drizzle. And it’s all only $6.79 for a package with 3 servings in it!

4. Trader Joe’s also has plenty of premade salad options if you’re looking for something extra healthy

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

Their kale and edamame bistro salad has a creamy lemon and herb dressing and is full of dried cranberries, grape tomatoes, almonds, and scallions. It’s a single-serving all for the price of $3.99.

5. The $4.99 chicken-pesto sandwich makes the perfect office lunch

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

The sliced chicken breast is paired with caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes, and arugula, all sandwiched between slices of multigrain Rustico bread.

6. This Japanese-style fried rice is a great option for vegetarians

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

The shareable, vegetarian-friendly fried rice can be microwaved or reheated on the stovetop if you’re not pressed for time. The 16-ounce bag of rice contains 3.5 servings of rice with tofu and protein-rich edamame. 

7. You could also try Trader Joe’s vegetable biryani – Just pop it in the microwave

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

Trader Joe’s has a great line of ready-made Indian-inspired food, so you can pick any of the complete meals like butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and palak paneer. And the best part is each tray only costs $2.69. The vegetable biryani meal also has vegetable dumplings and is ready to eat in less than 5 minutes when reheated.

8. Also from the frozen section is the Korean-style bibimbap bowl that is ready to eat in just a few minutes

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

For only $3.49 you get a rice dish that is topped with beef, vegetables, and a spicy chili sauce. The rice bowl can be heated in the microwave simple enough, but the sauce packet needs to get thawed in warm water.

9. Trader Joe’s has southwest chicken quesadillas which can be prepared a variety of ways using either the microwave, stove or oven

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

For just $3.99, the quesadilla box will come with two quesadillas that are stuffed with chicken and seasoned vegetables.

10. And combining two crowd-pleasers into one is Trader Joe’s pepperoni-pizza mac and cheese bowl

Photo: INSIDER / Abigail Abesamis

The microwavable meal is ready to eat in just 5 minutes and contains 2 servings inside the 12-ounce box. And the best part is that it’s only $2.99. While in theory it could be shared since it’s 2 servings, realistically this is a solo endeavor.

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