‘The Great American Baking Show’ Is Looking For Its Next Round Of Contestants

The Great American Baking Show is a favorite for many. Now, The Great American Baking Show is looking for their next set of contestants and you could be one of the lucky ones who is chosen!

The show’s fifth season may have just ended, but they are already looking for those who willing to participate in future competitions. It is understandable that they would act early. We are sure that they will have no shortage of applicants to sift through. This show is wildly popular with viewers of all kinds.

The show is looking for folks who are ready to put their passion for baking on full display. Of course, those who are able to whip up all kinds of cool goodies will get a long look from the judges. If you would like to apply, the process is a relatively simple one.

You’ll need to submit a photo of yourself and provide a little bit of information about you (as well as your baking). Prospective contestants will also need to submit photos of their best creations. This is a chance to truly strut your stuff. The show also urges those who are applying to be as honest as possible (don’t be shy about your weaker areas!).

This step of the process is designed to get a clearer idea of what type of baker you are, says the entry page. The whole process is similar to a job interview. A short video is also a part of your application process so don’t forget to include it.

The video only has to be one or two minutes long. In the clip, be sure to describe your passion for the process of baking and why you would make an awesome contestant. As a final heads up, we must warn you…..there is a lengthy questionnaire process. There are 75 questions that need to be answered. If you applied in the past and were not chosen, do not worry! You can always apply again. Act quickly and make your submissions now. They are due by Tuesday, February 28th, 2020!

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