Thanksgiving Stuffing Butter

There is no easier way to make a simple meal go from regular dining to haute cuisine than with some compound butter.

So, this coming Thanksgiving, if you’re looking for something fun to do with your meal, then you might consider this “Thanksgiving stuffing” compound butter recipe from a food blog called Extra Crispy. The compound butter comes inspired by the spice palate that makes up classic stuffing – however, instead of drenching stale old bread cubes in herbed butter, you just simply spread it across a fresh hot roll for a similar experience.

Instagram user @preppiecurler tried it using locally sourced ingredients and here are the results:

The recipe for the holiday-inspired compound butter is quite simple:

In a big bowl mix some very softened butter with rosemary, parsley, garlic, dried onion, sage, thyme, and celery seed. And, if you want to add some richness you can add a dash of low-sodium chicken stock.

Once that is all mixed together, your job is done. The butter can be kept either in the fridge or freezer for the holiday season.

Compound butter is a great addition to any table, whether it’s holiday-themed or not. Most people like to use compound butter for steak.

There is a great Sauveur recipe that is a tarragon-mustard compound butter. All it takes is a fistful of fresh tarragon leaves, Dijon mustard, and black pepper. It makes a great addition to any chicken or fish dish.

There is another intriguing butter recipe by Taste of Home that calls itself a “Oaxaca Twist.” It entails butter mixed with dark chocolate, ancho chili powder, ground pecans, and raspberries for a zesty taste. It goes paired well on artisan toast or a flower tortilla for a breakfast treat.

Either way, compound butter is such an easy thing to make, and with so many great combinations and recipes, you will always have an excuse to make your meals fancy.

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