Try Making This Snowman Cheese Board For Your Holiday Party

Cheeseboards are trending for all the right reasons. If you haven’t seen some of the unique options available this season, you really haven’t been looking. That being said, without a little inspiration and creativity, it can be difficult to set up a cheese board that is going to be the hit of the party.

That is where @TheBakerMama comes in. She is known for her beautiful cheese boards and she shares them with the world.

Maegan Brown is that Instagram user who is also the author of Beautiful Boards. You can see all of her creations on Instagram. Most recently, she was responsible for creating a Christmas snack tray that is perfect for the season. It includes popcorn, blueberries, crackers, cheese wheels and more. The best part about it is that it looks like a happy snowman.

You can check out the creation for yourself here:

Create Your Own Version

If you are interested in building your own snowman, look at the ingredients that Megan uses and then do it for yourself at home:

Snowman: Maegan reports using a 4-inch round Brie, a 3-inch round Camembert and a 2-inch round chèvre spreadable goat cheese to create the snowman shape. The eyes, mouth and buttons are blueberries, and the nose is a baby carrot.

Snowman’s Hat: That is a cracker with 7-8 darker crackers stacked on top. In the past, Maegan has used red beet crackers from Trader Joe’s.

Snowman’s Scarf & Arms: For the scarf, she twisted two salami sticks like this together. She also used two salami sticks for the arms, but you could just as easily use pretzels.

To make this for yourself, put fresh blueberries and snow-covered snacks around the snowman. Arrange the nuts, biscotti, crackers, popcorn or anything else you want around the character. Then be sure to include a small dish of homemade jam and honey.

Maegan says in her Instagram post: “I love giving y’all the inspiration and seeing you make it your own with the ingredients you and your loved ones would enjoy most.” You can do it!

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