Healthcare Provider Shares The Safest Way To Handle Groceries During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic has caused quite a shift in our daily routines and lives. Unfortunately, many businesses and their workers are experiencing huge upset as many had to close their doors since only “essential” places are allowed to stay open, meaning there is a high rate of unemployment going around.

Of course, the most essential businesses out there at the moment are grocery stores and restaurants. No matter what, pandemic or not, people still have to eat. However, while many grocery stores are remaining open during normal business hours, there are many restaurants that are limiting their hours or limiting their services to takeout or delivery only.

Even though these essential food places are still open, you may still feel a little apprehensive about going to collect your necessary food items. After all, there are so many precautions and restrictions, it makes us wonder about what we’re picking up. How can we be sure that a sick person didn’t accidentally cough and touch that jar of apple sauce that you’re reaching for?

Given that people are understandably scared and concerned, Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen, who is a family physician and healthcare provider in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers various precautions and techniques you can use to stay safe.

Michigan is one of the states that has implemented a stay-at-home order.

Dr. VanWingen’s methods are quite simple and easy to follow. Their effectiveness work to help decrease your risk of contracting the virus when you’re out and about food shopping.

It also helps to get informed about how long the virus lasts outside the human body, which happens to be a few hours.

You can watch the video below of Dr. VanWingen’s recommendations for safety while grocery shopping or picking up takeouts.

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