Costco Is Selling Ravioli Shaped Like Pumpkins And Bats To Serve On Halloween Night

Grocery store ravioli may not be everyone’s cup of tea but we are gonna be honest with you…we love it! It is hard to make our own ravioli and we love when stores are willing to provide it. Whether you are a fan of the Trader Joe’s varieties or you are more of a Target guy, there is no shortage of awesome ravioli to choose from when you are out shopping.

Of course, Costco shoppers are always going to talk up their favorites. This store has some of the finest ravioli that the grocery store universe has to offer.

These Halloween-themed ravioli are shaped like bats and pumpkins, adding the necessary spice to any Halloween party. They are filled with 3 cheese: Aged Asiago cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, and Parmesan…YUM!

According to seasoned Costco shoppers, these ravioli are only available in Texas, Michigan, and Utah.

A 32-ounce package (about 10 servings) costs $8.79 and we recommend pairing it with a pumpkin-based tomato sauce!

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