Unique Cakes Made By Former Fashion Designer Look Too Good To Eat

We often think of beautiful cakes as being almost lace-like, usually in a very traditional design like wedding cakes. But, one ultra-modern bakery in North London strives for a whole new standard of beauty when it comes to cakes. The mastermind behind these creations makes colorful post modern sculptural cakes that look like they could be in an art museum.

Ard Bakery is run by Alison Dunlop, a former student of sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art and of fashion design at London College of Fashion Cordwainers (and later the Royal College of Art). Dunlop had been designing high-end fashion accessories (like purses and jewelry) for ten years on a professional level, but only recently turned her hand to chocolate, icing, and fondant.

The artist-turned-baker got the idea to combine high style with confections when she was home on maternity leave. One of her stated influences is the Memphis Group, the Italian art movement which defined the 1980s with bold primary colors, in unique shapes, often placed alongside abstract patterns like TV static or paint splatters- the latter of which were often in black and white. Her cakes certainly reflect this style and the bright colors used in her chocolate work are much like the clothing and accessories of the 1980s and 1990s.

The company even has a Pantone color sample cake. Wow!

Dunlop has also made her unique boxed chocolates available since they are extremely colorful and top most of her cakes. While the Ard Bakery cakes can be made in any number of custom flavors and combinations, their chocolates are currently offered in the following flavors: salted caramel and dark chocolate, strawberry and white chocolate with a balsamic reduction, crystallized ginger and dark chocolate, and lemon/elderflower white chocolate with raspberry coulis. Just reading those mouth-watering flavors is enough to make anyone hungry.

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