Creative Ways To Recycle Old Pickle Jars

We all have our fair share of discarded jars around the house. Whether they are pickle jars, jam jars, roasted red pepper jars, or anything in between, these cute and clever DIY projects will have you wanting to save every jar you can get your hands on!

The first idea is to make these adorable apothecary jars. You’ll need jars in a few sizes, some dollar store candlesticks, old knobs, E6000 glue, looking glass spray paint, and a mix of 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. You’ll glue the candlesticks to the bottom of the jar and the knobs to the top of the jar. Spray paint the looking glass spray on and then immediately spray the vinegar water mixture and dab to get the look of mercury glass. Let dry, and there you have it!

Next, you can recycle any old jar into a cute soap dispenser! You can use this for handsoap, dishsoap, hand sanitizer, or even lotion. Just drill a hole in the lid of the jar and insert a hand pump from an old handsoap dispenser. Spray paint or decorate the jar however you want, and fill with the soap of your choice!

Another fun way to reuse old jars, is to make this unique night light! Measure out the height of the jar onto a tin cookie sheet from the dollar store. Cut out a strip that can fit around the jar. Poke holes in the strip and glue around the jar. Place a string of LED lights of LED candles inside the jar and watch it light up a room! It looks like starts in the night sky. What a fun idea to put in a kid’s room!

Watch the video below for more details on each project and even more ideas for reusing old jars!

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