Easy Ways To Clean Overlooked Kitchen Appliances

We do the dishes, wipe down the counters, scrub the stovetop, and clean out the oven. But what about some of the small, everyday appliances? When was the last time you cleaned out your Keurig? Or the toaster? You might be surprised by the kind of grime and build-up these things take on! Go ahead and get some tips on how to easily clean out these often-overlooked kitchen appliances.


Where would we be without our morning cup of joe? Keurigs have chanced the game when it comes to quick, convenient coffee, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have to clean out these machines every now and then! Sure, you probably wipe down the outside to prevent dust build-up, but every once in a while, you should give your Keurig a deep clean.

Start by removing the basket, the tray, and any other loose parts. Wash these with warm, soapy water. Then, wipe down the outside, as well as the opening in the top of the Keurig. Then, assemble the machine, and run some vinegar through to clean out the insides where coffee build-up is likely. Run a few cycles of water until it comes out clear. That’s it!


We can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning out your toaster! Those little crumbs can easily pile up and cause a fire hazard if not taken care of properly. Luckily, this whole process will only take about ten minutes, and can easily be added to your weekly chores, depending on how often your toaster gets used.

Start by removing the crum trays on the back of the toaster. Clean them with soap and water, and then dry them off. Next, unplug the toaster and take a small brush to clean out all the little cracks and crevices bread crumbs can hide in. Then, turn the toaster upside down over the sink to get the last remnants of crumbs out. Wipe down the outside and then put everything back together.


We don’t often think about cleaning things like the dishwasher because thats the thing that cleans our other things! It has hot soapy water running through it all the time, how dirty can it really get? Turns out, pretty dirty! It makes sense though if you think about it. All that food and grime that gets washed away from our dishes has to go somewhere, right?

Luckily, this is another super simple thing to clean. There are really just two steps. First, find the filter in the bottom of your dishwasher. If you’ve never cleaned this out, be prepared for some gross stuff. Clean it out with soapy water. You can use a toothbrush to clean out the mesh wire. Then, put a dishwasher safe cup of white vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher and run a short, hot cycle. Wipe down the exterior of the dishwasher, and you’re all set!

Get more details on each of these cleaning methods by watching the video below!

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