She Was Tired Of Looking At These Old Cabinets. With An $80 Budget, She Got A Whole New Look

This story originally appeared at American Web Media by Robert Winthrop.

In June, I bought my first home. It was a special occasion. But, as any homeowner knows, owning a home is a lot of hard work. The house I bought was more than a hundred years old. It has a lot of character, but there is also room for improvement. One of the things that needed to be improved was our kitchen and its cabinets; they were more than five decades old and smelled like it.

Renovating a kitchen is not cheap. That’s why DIYers like my wife look for solutions to change things up at a discount. When you see how one woman remodeled her old kitchen cabinets on an $80 budget, you’ll see how easily you can transform your kitchen in a matter of days.

Ashely Green is responsible for the DIY trick you’re about to see. She completely changes the look and the feel of her old cabinets for less than $100.

Ashely used the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit and in her video shows her step-by-step process so we can follow her example and make our own kitchens sparkle for next to nothing.

The Cabinet Transformations Kit is available from Lowes and Home Depot. And with a good price point, it’s a product that we can all use to give our cabinets a total makeover with just a little elbow grease.

The Rust-Oleum website describes what will happen to your kitchen if you purchase the kit: “You’re just steps away from the kitchen you’ve been craving—without the cost and mess you thought it would require. Rust-Oleum® Cabinet Transformations is a revolutionary do-it-yourself coating system that will completely change the look of your cabinets in three simple steps.”

Ashely Green’s video has inspired people and has been watched more than three million times. Thousands have shared their reactions to her video tutorial in the comments:

“Wow what an amazing transformation! I absolutely love this. We remodeled our old kitchen with new cabinets when we bought the house. Had I seen this I probably never would have? But I’ll definitely do this to the oak cabinets we have in our garage and a spare cabinet we got for our dog food and supplies.”

“Your husband has got to love you. If I suggested, my wife do that she would say ‘no way.’ We’re going to the cabinet store. It looks fantastic. Best of all you and your helpers did it. I think if I do it, it’s better than new!”

“Great Job!! I absolutely HATE the ‘golden oak’ cabinets that contractors love to put in, I think it is so you will pay a premium to ‘upgrade’ them. They do the same with the hardware too. I love how yours turned out – it looks like they are brand new contemporary cabinets. Thank you for sharing this – I enjoyed it!”

What do you think about Ashley’s update of her cabinets?

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