3-Ingredient, Dairy Free Coffee Whipped Cream

This recipe is called Magic Coffee Whip for good reason! There are only three ingredients in here, and none of them are milk, cream, eggs, or any other dairy product. So, what exactly makes up Magic Coffee Whip? Instant coffee crystals, sugar, and ice water. Yup. That’s it. Let’s see how it all comes together!

Typically we think of whipped cream as containing some kind of, well, cream, and with good reason. Not only is it right in the name, but it’s the dairy that thickens up everything to make the fluffy topping we all know and love. There’s also meringue, which is made from egg whites. But, without any of those things, how does this coffee whip hold up?

In order for foam to form and keep its fluffy attributes, there needs to be a stabilizer. Foam is simply air bubbles and water, so there needs to be some sort of agent that protects the air bubbles as they float to the top and expand. Again, usually this is dairy, but it can also be found in preservatives like xanthan gum. And xanthan gum can be found in, you guessed it, instant coffee crystals.

To make this Magic Coffee Whip, start by mixing 1/3 cup of coffee crystals into a bowl, along with 1 cup of sugar. Then, pour in 2/3 cup of water and mix on high for three minutes, or until it thickens up. Amazing!

This fluffy, beautiful whip is sweet and has a rich coffee flavor. It’s a great topping for brownies, a homemade latte, tiramisu, and just about any other kind of dessert you can think of. Go ahead and give it a try!

Get more info and the full recipe in the video below!

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