These Keto-Friendly ‘Egglets’ Are A Delicious Way To Eat A BLT Without The Carbs

Eggs are quite underrated. They are so versatile – especially when you’re trying to stick to a low-carb diet. Eggs have proved they’re an “egg-cellent” substitution to the traditional bread sandwiches. While eggs might be smaller than lettuce or bell peppers or pickles – all which are used as bread substitutions – they shouldn’t be ruled out.

They’re actually great!

In fact, Eating Well has got us excited about eggs after they released a recipe for Hard-Boiled Egg BLTs – and it looks amazing! The recipe even adds in some avocado mayo and spinach in order to put a new twist on the classic sandwich.

On Instagram, James Kuwall, who goes by the @cocta_comedit_scripsit, gave a fresh face to the BLT with some smoked paprika and a sriracha mayo spread in order to spice up the breadless sandwich.

Another Instagram user, @rachee_gettinfitt, shared a different version of the hard-boiled egg BLT. What she calls BLT Egg “Buns,” she loves because they make a great high-protein breakfast or snack.

Her take on the egg BLT is to add some cheese, avocado, and a dash of sesame seeds or the Everything But the Bagel seasoning by Trader Joe’s.

Author Jenny Block posted to Facebook about how the Delish’s BLT Egglets helped to keep her full and from getting “hangry” while transitioning to a low-carb diet. The picture of her completed recipe definitely looks mouth-watering.

Facebook user Josée Bastien shared her own BLT, except she made it slightly different in that she uses salami, lettuce, and cheese – an interesting choice. She pairs her SLT with some sliced cucumber and feta cheese. While she did admit she missed the bacon, she claimed that she’ll add the bits of bacon next time.

So, the next time you’re craving a sandwich while you’re on a diet, give these hard-boiled egg bites a try. It may just be what you never knew you needed.

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