You Can Now Buy A 1-Pound Shaker Of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Powder

I always try to make ‘elevated’ macaroni and cheese, but nothing will ever taste as good as Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. It’s one of those things we all ate as children and will never outgrow. Now our obsession with the cheesy goodness can go to the next level with macaroni & cheese powder that tastes just like it just came out of the blue box.

BJ’s sells the 20.7-ounce shaker that holds more than one pound of cheese powder.

No this is not a ripoff, this is the actual cheese powder that is the stuff of legends. Many people have been known to put the powder into dishes already, so we think this new product will have a ton of adoring fans.

Photo: BJs

Kraft suggests mixing it with water to create a sauce for veggies or as a dry mix on popcorn. You could also put it on ice cream (seriously) or even just dump it straight into your mouth.

You can get this entire one pound can for only $6.99 – which is a steal. I would try and get it soon before it sells out.

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