Kids Try The Most Expensive Foods Of The Last 100 Years

From oysters to foie gras, and even an edible gold donut, the team at Epicurious has compiled the most expensive foods of the last 100 years. Starting with oysters in the 1920s, kids try these delicacies and let us know what they really think, in the kind of honesty we can only get from children.

Their reactions are hilarious as they first try the foods and then attempt to explain what exactly they are eating. Some of them have surprisingly good palates!

You might be surprised at what foods made the cut for most expensive. Of course, there are staples like caviar and frog legs, but a Philly cheesesteak sandwich also made the cut for the most expensive food of the 2000s. Granted, this isn’t just any Philly cheesesteak. This particular sandwich has foie gras, wagyu beef, and truffles. It is served with half a bottle of yellow label veuve clicquot champagne. It costs $120. (Don’t worry, the kids didn’t have any champagne).

Go ahead and watch the video below to learn more about the most expensive foods over the last 100 years and get a good chuckle out of how these kids react!

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