The Fascinating Process Of Making Jelly Bellies

Ever wonder how this popular American candy is made? We’ve got the inside scoop on the whole process of making and packaging the beloved Jelly Belly Jelly Bean!

The jelly bean empire got its origins all the way back in 1869. Gustav Goelitz was the first known candy maker of the now famous Jelly Belly. The second generation of candy makers started producing the candy at a commercial rate in 1898, and the company has been in business ever since! Jelly Belly is very proud of the fact that they have 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation employees in the company today. The CEO herself is a 5th generation Jelly Belly worker.

The first step in making these jelly beans is mixing and heating the slurry. This is a mixture of water, corn syrup, corn starch, and sugar. Once the slurry is heated up, the flavor is added. Each flavor has its own unique recipe that consists of juice or fruit purees, or other natural ingredients.

Next, the slurry is fed through tubes and into a machine called the mogul. The wooden trays provide the shape for the jelly beans, which are then placed in a heated dry room for 24 hours. The jelly bean centers are then given a steam bath and coated in sugar to keep from sticking together.

Colored and flavored syrups are hand poured onto the jelly beans to create the shell of the candy. The beans set for a little bit and then they are given a second coat of syrup before being finished off with confectioner’s glaze and beeswax for that shiny coat. Jelly Belly produces over 15 billion beans a year! Incredible!

See more of the fascinating process and how they come up with the different flavors in the video below!

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