You Can Take A Virtual Pasta Making Class Taught By An Authentic Italian Grandma

Whether you are looking for a fun family activity or you are looking for a way to consume a whole mess of carbs, pasta dinners are the way to go. But what happens when you are unskilled in the art of Italian dining? Thanks to this Italian grandmother, you now have the chance to learn. After all, it’s not like you have anything better to do at the current moment, do you?

Nonna (which translates to “grandmother” in Italian) Nerina is hosting these classes and we are forever in her debt. “Handmade Pasta With Grandma” is currently one of the most highly rated AirBnB experiences and for good reason. Nonna and her sisters are providing all sorts of useful lessons. While Airbnb experiences are currently on pause because of the coronavirus pandemic, they are still bringing these lessons to your home.

You may not be able to attend the lessons in person anymore but that does not mean that they are harder to come by. All you need now is some spare time and a viable WiFi connection. Nonna Live is all of the rage right now. She and her sisters are offering two hour live streams where Nonna works alongside her granddaughter Chiara, providing you with access to timeless family recipes.

These recipes date back for several generations. You are given a shopping list with all of the necessary ingredients a week before your class, giving you plenty of time to round up everything that you require to prepare these delicious meals. If there are any additional utensils that you need to cook with before the preparation process begins, these are also mentioned to the student beforehand.

They try their best to keep things simple, though. In most instances, you are already going to have everything that you need on hand. Yes, they do offer wine pairing suggestions to the viewers as well. Nonna has thought of everything. Each session is going to cost you $50 and you are going to want to sign up now before all of the classes have had a chance to fill up.

Chiara teaches the viewers how to make veggie ravioli with butter sage sauce on Wednesdays and prepares vegetarian gnocchi with pesto each Thursday. Fridays are lasagna day. Nonna Nerina offers up her vegetarian fettuccine on Saturdays, and Sundays are devoted to the preparation of cannelloni. Please be sure to pass along this awesome opportunity to all of your friends and loved ones who are bored at home right now.

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