Why You Shouldn’t Keep Eggs In Your Fridge Door

Refrigerating your eggs should not be a challenging concept, right? All you need to do is purchase them and place them in the fridge. There’s not much thought involved there. The eggs are taken from their fridge units at your local supermarket, they are taken home and placed in our own fridge units. That describes all of the steps that we are accustomed to taking.

We go through a lot of eggs over the course of a month. They are so versatile and so healthy. There are so many options for cooking them, too. But, if you’re not storing them properly you may be missing out.

In European countries, people do not even place their eggs in the fridge. They are able to make these decisions because of the safer egg production regulations that have been put in place. Unfortunately, American standards are a bit different and we must take special precautions. Keeping your eggs in the kitchen without putting them in the fridge is not advisable under any circumstances in America.

Most of us already have a special place in the fridge where our eggs are typically kept. Some fridges even come with built-in racks for your eggs that are found on the door. Did you know that these racks are actually not the best choice, though?

Reader’s Digest shares that when we place our eggs on these racks, we are actually exposing them to the temperature changes that take place when the door is opened and closed. This will cause them to experience rot more quickly. The eggs are also far more susceptible to the growth of bacteria when they are kept in the door. It is always in your best interest to store the eggs on a shelf inside the fridge.

Eggs should always be placed in an area of the fridge where temperatures are sure to remain consistent. Who knew that we needed to ignore the shelves that are actually designed for this purpose? Be sure to head to your fridge and keep a close eye on the location of your eggs. If they are on the door, you are going to want to move them now.

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