How To Make Wine Using Your Instant Pot

If you haven’t yet got on board with owning an instant pot, I’m sure that you have heard many of your friends singing their praises. After all, it seems as if you can make almost anything in the instant pot easier and quicker than on the stove.

What you might not know is that you can actually make wine in the Instant Pot as well.

It’s thanks to Dave Murphy, a recipe developer and food blogger from New Jersey. When he went out to buy a 6-quart DUO Plus Instant Pot a while back, he found a meme that talked about using it to turn grapes into wine.

Murphy couldn’t locate a recipe that showed how to do it so he decided to make one himself. The first thing he did was go on the Instant Pot Facebook group for some advice on how to get started.

“Then, my a-ha moment happened,” Murphy told Munchies. “The Instant Pot has a Yogurt function, and you can use less heat. Before you knew it, I was shopping on Amazon and running to the store to grab juice and to test out my theory… and it worked!”

He used a cup of sugar, a 64-ounce bottle of Welch’s grape juice and a packet of Levine red wine yeast. You can see the complete tool and recipe on his blog. What Murphy was able to produce was a ‘palatable’ wine. In his words, it was similar to Merlot with hints overall chocolate and dark cherries. Of course, you have to take it with a grain of salt because you are using Welch’s but he did feel that it produced “an extremely pleasant table wine” that you would probably pay about $10 for at the store.

The problem is, if you are trying to make instant wine in the Instant Pot, you’re out of luck. The process does get complicated and it takes about 48 hours to produce the wine. It then needs to be stored for a minimum of one week in a cool, dark place.

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