How To Make A Grilled Cheese In An Air Fryer

For those of us who understand the value of the perfect grilled cheese, there really is no substitute for quality. If you have been craving this cheesy delight, you might want to turn to your air fryer and give it a try.

When you cook your ‘grilled’ cheese in the air fryer, it pulls everything together perfectly. This includes melting the cheese to perfection and toasting the bread. In addition, the perfect balance of crispy and smooth comes together to make you want to go back to it, time and time again. Think of it as being the anti-microwave grilled cheese sandwich, which yields the worst results.

Using the simple recipe from Blogger Cindy Gordon at Vegetarian Mamma will help you use your air fryer the right way. To get started, you will need some cheese and bread and you can choose what you like. You can even mix and match the cheeses to create the perfect sandwich for you.

After choosing the ingredients, you need to consider the most important part of the perfect grilled cheese in the air fryer. Butter the outside of the bread and be sure to tuck the cheese away on the inside. Any cheese left exposed is likely to burn.

One problem that Gordon alerts you to is the possibility of the air pushing the bread around in the air fryer. If you have that problem, use the trivet or metal rack on top of the sandwich and it will hold it together. You can find the entire technique and more tips on the Vegetarian Mamma blog.

If cooking the perfect grilled cheese is not enough incentive, consider that it only takes eight minutes to cook. It takes a few minutes for the air fryer to heat up, so you also need to factor that in. Since there is so little prep time, you can be chowing down on a great sandwich within 10 minutes, no problem.

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