The Best Way To Clean Your Range Hood Filter

Do you have a range hood in your kitchen? If so, you do not need to be told how wonderful they are, assuming you know what it is! Range hoods are the best way to suck up the odors that are caused when we cooking. The last thing any home chef wants to do is stink up their dwelling and that’s why these hoods are such lifesavers.

The range hood also saves us from having to deal with loud fire alarms or lingering scents. Knowingly or not, the range hood is being used every time you cook. But, how often do you clean your range hood filter? If you’re anything like the average person, your answer is probably “never.”

It’s understandable to completely forget about cleaning the range hood filter or even put it on our “we’ll do it next time” list. However, you need to clean your range hood filter on a regular basis or it’s not going to work very well.

Thankfully, the cleaning method is as easy as it gets. You do not need to be a professional cleaner to handle this simple task and most of us already have the essential ingredients on hand. Start by taking off the filter, which should be easy enough.

Take a larger pot and fill it up with water. Once the pot starts to boil, pour some distilled vinegar inside and scoop in about half a tablespoon of baking soda. Place the hood range filter in your solution and allow it to soak for at least six minutes. Tongs should be used to remove the filter from the pot once the process is complete.

Finally, scrub the filter clean with a toothbrush and rinse it off with some cold water. As soon as this step has been completed, the range hood filter should be sparkling clean once again. Would you like to see this method in action? If so, take a moment to check out the video below and pass it along to anyone who is in need of similar assistance.

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