How Sriracha Hot Sauce Is Made

Are you a fan of spicy foods? If you answered, “yes,” then you probably have a bottle or two of Sriracha around your house. For some reason, Sriracha is infinitely more popular than most other hot sauces. It seems to have a cult following of sorts, complete with merchandise and special recipes and snacks. So, how exactly is this stuff made? Glad you asked!

First, the jalapeños are sorted and put in hoppers. The makers of Sriracha go through about 40,000 tons of jalapeños a year! After scrubbing and washing the peppers, they grind them into a fine pulp.

Salt, vinegar, and two preservatives are added during the grinding process, finishing out the pepper base. Once the pulp becomes more liquid, it is taken to the final mixing room where sugar and garlic are added. That’s it! The recipe for the ever-popular hot sauce is surprisingly simple.

Get more details and find out how you can take a tour of the Sriracha facility for yourself by watching the video below!

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