You Can Now Get Hooters Famous Wing Sauce And Breading In Stores

Hooters is a well-known establishment, for a lot of reasons. Of course, there is the obvious reason: their wings, of course!

Now you can enjoy the taste of Hooters’ wings without ever having to step foot in the restaurant, itself. The signature wing sauces that you know and love are going to be on your grocery store shelf soon, if not already. FoodieWithTheBeasts is the Instagram user who is responsible for spotting the wing sauces initially.

The sauce also comes with two different varieties to choose from: hot and medium. When you are craving the Hooters’ wing flavor but do not have the time to head to your local location, look no further.

This sauce was found at Redners, but there are other locations offering it, such as Netrition and Walmart. They even have additional flavors, like Honey Thai and Extra Hot. Hooters is offering up the breading that they use for their wings at Wal-Mart, too. You can recreate the wings you know and love with ease in your very own kitchen.

Before long, your wife is no longer going to buy your excuses for heading down to the restaurant.

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