This Friends-Themed Slow Cooker Will ‘Be There For You’

To say that I am pissed that Netflix dropped friends this year would be an understatement. I have literally watched every single episode a bazillion times.

So while you sit around and wait for the sitcom to more to the upcoming HBO Max streaming service, you can bring out your inner Chef Monica with this Friends-themed slow cooker from Hot Topic.

The slow cooker has famous lines like “Pivot!” and “How you doin’?” along with other illustrations all over it that real Friends fans remember. Under an illustration of the Central Perk couch, you’ll find adjustable low, high, and warm buttons, making it perfect for warm chili or soup. The stoneware inset is also super easy to remove and clean.

Photo: Hot Topic

But if you’ve got a large group of friends coming over (pun intended), then you are going to want this triple slow cooker that’s also currently on sale at Hot Topic for $56. Each cooker holds 2.5 quarts and has independent temperature controls.

Hot Topic

These budget-friendly slow cookers will make you the life of the party at the gettogether for the big game this Sunday!

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