You Can Now Get A Transparent iPhone Case With A Fried Chicken Pop-Socket

Cases were first invented to keep a person’s phone protected and that was about it. Nowadays, the average person tends to look at their phone case as an extension of their personality.

Fried chicken lovers everywhere are sure to appreciate this phone case. Those who are tired of the traditional circle grip can now hold onto a piece of (plastic) fried chicken while scrolling through Instagram. The best part? This piece of fried chicken looks awfully realistic.

The cases were originally released in China before making their way to the United States and are available for iPhones 5 through X.


These translucent, lightweight cases come with holes that have been cut out for the charging port and volume buttons. It also has raised edges that are designed to protect the phone’s screen from shattering.

Some reviewers have had concerns that while the chicken looked super realistic, it popped off in a day.


If you’re looking to get a case like this for yourself, you are going to have to act quickly. There is a limited supply and it is dwindling by the day.

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