Four Loko Announces Hard Seltzer With Nearly Triple The Alcohol Content Of White Claw

If you would like to take a venture into the world of hard seltzer, you really need to give Four Loko a try. After all, they are teasing about a new product with 14% alcohol by volume (ABV). This is a giant leap forward, almost tripling the amount of alcohol found in most other hard seltzer products.

When you open a can of Four Loko’s hard seltzer, which would be the first that they offer, you will be rewarded with a ‘hint of Blue Razz’. The label on the can also make a promise that it will be the ‘Hardest Seltzer in the Universe’.

They posted on social media about the concept, writing: “Hard Seltzers ran so we could fly.”

Four Loko also managed to come up with a meme to introduce the concept of somebody choosing their hard seltzer over White Claw, which is a popular brand.

Four Loko is known for making high alcohol content malt beverages but this is the first time they have teased about making a seltzer product.

It seems as if they are confident in this product, after all, they posted a picture on Instagram and tagged many of the more popular spiked seltzer brands in the industry. Some of the different seltzer brands that were tagged included White Claw, Truly, Natural Light, Smirnoff, Bon and Viv, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Press Seltzer, Henry’s, and Wild Basin. The post has been removed.

It seems as if some other companies are also getting into the hard seltzer market in recent days.

Natural Light Seltzer was released by natural light, a hard seltzer with 6% ABV. Pabst blue ribbon also released Stronger Seltzer, with 8% ABV.

They are all going after the market that has been dominated by White Claw, which some people were calling the ‘drink of the summer’.

People began to first notice Four Loko when they mixed alcohol with caffeine and called it ‘blackout in a can’. They decided to remove the product from the market in 2010 because a few college students ended up in the hospital.

Good call.

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