7 Things You Should Never Buy From Costco

It seems as if everybody is shopping at Costco these days and if you find yourself walking through their doors frequently, there are certain things that you should know. It’s fantastic that they have so many things available in bulk, but at the same time, there are foods you should not be buying at a wholesale store, including Costco.

1. Milk

You would typically buy a 2-gallon pack of milk at Costco so you may not use it all before it expires. By things in smaller quantities if you are going to buy something that expires quickly.

2. Cereal

Sometimes we may have difficulty getting through a regular size box of cereal but at Costco, they tend to be twice the size. Unless you are feeding a large family that eats cereal daily, you might be better off getting the smaller box at a grocery store.

3. Produce

There is a lot of fantastic looking produce at Costco but it is often a bad idea to purchase so much of it. It tends to go rotten before you can use it which is wasteful on numerous levels, including wasting your money.

4. Condiments

Any type of condiment will have an expiration date so you are unlikely to go through a huge bottle before they go bad and you have to throw the rest of it away.

5. Eggs

If you do the math, even a large 24 pack of eggs at Costco will cost roughly the same per egg as a dozen eggs bought at the grocery store. In addition, you may have a hard time getting through that many eggs before they go bad.

6. Coffee

I’m sure that you would agree that coffee is best when it’s fresh. Costco coffee comes in huge containers so, unless you are making it in bulk for dozens of people, buy it at the grocery store and enjoy better-tasting coffee.

7. Flour

Before you end up buying a 25-pound bag of flour at Costco, ask yourself if you really need it. Most people get by with a regular bag of flour from the grocery store. It may not go to waste but imagine all the space you are using with the huge bag!

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