Food Safety Myths We Believed 50 Years Ago

From leaving meat out on the counter to thaw all day to getting salmonella from eating raw cookie dough, there are some practices that are very outdated. We’re here to set the record straight.

The first myth that needs to be debunked is stuffing the turkey. Sure, grandma might have done it, mom might have done it, and you might have stuffed the turkey a time or two, but no more! It’s pretty widely known at this point, but still, worth a reminder that the stuffing inside the turkey doesn’t always heat up to the 160-degree temp that is required to kill off bacteria. Better safe than sorry – cook the stuffing separate!

Something we always grew up hearing was that we couldn’t eat the cookie dough because we’d get salmonella from the raw eggs in the dough. However, that’s not true! Don’t rejoice just yet – that doesn’t mean you can go out and eat a bunch of cookie dough with no consequences. The thing we should be worried about is the flour of all things. New studies show that E Coli can survive dry environments like your pantry, which makes flour a prime suspect if you’re eating it before sticking in the oven!

Go ahead and see what other misconceptions we’ve had about food and food safety all these years!

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