5 Foods You Eat That Are A Lie

With the growing need to meet consumers’ demand, manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to get creative in the products they sell. You might be surprised at what your food really consists of, or how it is obtained. Below, we have a list of foods you eat that are a lie! These foods are certainly more than meets the eye.

1. American Cheese

The bright orange and yellow prepackaged cheese slices were made popular by Kraft, and have since become a staple in a lot of households and fast food restaurants. However, did you know that this “cheese” isn’t legally considered a cheese by the FDA? That’s right! There’s less than 50% cheese found in this product, with the rest being fillers and additives. Thus, it has been deemed a “cheese product.”

2. Pringles

These “potato” chips actually only contain 42% potato in the recipe. And, the potatoes used come in the form of dehydrated potato flakes, which, honestly, you might have guessed from the texture of Pringles. These dehydrated potato flakes are just one of many ingredients used to make the dough in which the chips are cut from.

3. Naked Fruit Drink

This fruit drink is marketed as a healthy choice, in contrast to soda and sports drinks that contain a bunch of added sugars. The bottle bosts a “no sugar added” label that fools consumers into thinking that this is a great alternative to other sugary beverages. However, the drinks still contain almost as much, if not more sugar than most sodas. True, the sugar is “all natural” from the fruits, but your body processes it all the same way, so really, it’s not that much of a healthier choice where sugar is concerned.

4. Aquafina

Aquafina is literally just tap water. Let that sink in.

5. Bananas

The bananas we buy at the grocery store are products of decades of genetic modification. In fact, the bananas we have today are infertile – which means we can’t plant banana seeds and get more bananas. Each banana tree is a partial clone and has to be cultivated by humans by hand. This also means that the bananas we eat are genetic clones going back for decades.

Watch the video below for more info on what foods are lies!

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