Baker Is Turning Focaccia Bread Into Edible Art

Focaccia bread is one of the best types of bread that there is to have, and it can be topped with just about anything. Thanks to its’ ability to be paired with all kinds of toppings, Focaccia bread is beloved by many chefs who fancy themselves as artists. But did you know that actual artists are currently getting in on the act?

This creative baker has decided to take this bread and create edible art pieces. Her offerings are taking Instagram by storm and rightfully so. VineyardBaking is taking flatbread to a whole new level, and she’s “Putting the Art in Artisan Breads.”

In order to make the perfect creations, vineyardbaker relies on a variety of different ingredients, such as seeds, herbs, and veggies. If she needs to create different textures, she’ll incorporate different types of dough as necessary.

In order to create the cool patterns that you see in her breads, she scores the Focaccia. The dough is allowed to rise a bit before the extra ingredients are tacked on, and olive oil is used to provide a glossier touch that allows the bread to truly pop in photographs. If and when wet ingredients are added, vineyardbaker takes the time to dry them first.

The designs tend to be quite colorful. The end result? Breads that look every bit as delicious as you would imagine. vineyardbaker’s affinity for oldies pop music also shines through with her creations, and the captions that she comes up with are totally awesome. Maybe she would be able to make us a playlist when she is done with her next project?

Just kidding…or are we? Once you have had the chance to scroll through her Instagram and see the amazing works of art she’s come up with, you are definitely going to want to be her newest follower. Please be sure to share her creations with your friends and loved ones. It is not every day that you get to see Focaccia bread being turned into the finest of art. Maybe you’ll be able to find some inspiration to create your own art the next time you are in the kitchen.

And some other bakers found themselves inspired:

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