People Are Going Crazy For Trader Joe’s ‘Everything But The Elote’ Seasoning

Everything But The Bagel seasoning is already wildly popular in most kitchens and for good reason. While this seasoning is a current staple in the average kitchen’s spice cabinet, Trader Joe’s is here to offer a whole new option. Everything But The Elote seasoning is now available and Trader Joe’s shoppers are currently offering all sorts of rave reviews about the product.

This Mexican street corn is absolutely amazing, and the seasonings that are used truly set it off. In case you are not familiar, elote utilizes roasted corn on the cob. From there, the corn is smothered in a wide range of spices. Butter, mayo, and cheese are also used. What’s not to love here?

Now, you can take home this flavor without having to mix them all together. The ingredients include chipotle, salt, chile pepper, cumin, and cheese.

This seasoning is supposed to be used on corn, but guess what? There are also a number of other items that can be spiced up a bit as well.

To be perfectly honest, this seasoning sounds like it would be just right for our popcorn. We cannot wait to sprinkle some all over our next batch. What are you going to be putting this seasoning on?

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