Dill Pickle Sandwich Bread

Dill pickles seem to be all the rage online these days. From being an add-on to your burger, you can now find for cupcakes, slushes, and even popsicles that feature the long green spheres.

But if you are like me and love adding pickles to your sandwich, there is a new way to get the flavor you crave…By injecting the pickle flavor into your bread!

Using bits of pickles and pickle juice in your bread recipe not only makes it taste incredible but it is actually scientifically proven to make it batter!

Most bread doughs require you to use water to bring all the dry ingredients together. Warm water is used to activate the dry yeast in the bread. The activated yeast then eats up the starches of the flour and releases carbon dioxide into the mixture. This gas causes your dough to rise.

When you substitute pickle juice for water in your bread recipe, the juice’s vinegar content helps the dough to rise even more.

This is because the pickle juice is more acidic than water and allows the yeast to work more effectively. This means you get a softer dough and a crispier crust!

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