This Darth Vader Grill Will Bring Some Darkness To Your Summer BBQ

Now that the winter is almost over and the warm weather is drawing near, it is time to start fantasizing about the magic of summer. We are already in the process of planning all of the outdoor activities that we want to participate in. If you are anything like us, the prospect of getting to cook dinner on the grill is enough to get you excited for the months ahead.

As if you needed any more incentive, there is now a Star Wars grill that you can take home. The Darth Vader grill is a sight to behold and we cannot believe that it is truly real. Burned by Design LTD is known for its custom wood burners. If you’d like to learn more about their products, take a moment to visit their Etsy page.

The Darth Vader grill is a multipurpose item. You can use it as a wood burner when you are not planning a cookout.

No matter what time of year it may be, you will be able to find plenty of use for it. These grills are made to order in England, so you will need to be patient once the order is placed. It is going to take roughly a month or so before the grill is ready to be shipped to your residence.

These grills are going to run you about $725 a piece. The beautiful craftsmanship will make for a wonderful conversation piece at your next backyard get together. The Star Wars fans out there won’t be able to resist purchasing one for themselves (or one of their closest loved ones).

The grill measures in at 17.3 x 17.3 x 30.7 and there are even multiple chrome plated swivel racks for your dining pleasure. Once you have put some charcoal onto the grill, you get to watch the mouth and eyes heat up in real-time. This is all the excuse that we need to get our friends together for a summertime party with a Star Wars theme. May the force be with you!

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