This Butter Cookie Recipe Tastes Exactly Like The ‘Blue Tin’ Cookies

Royal Dansk is best known for making Danish butter cookies and if you haven’t had them in a while, it’s time to go get a tin. They started packaging the butter cookies in the blue tin in 1966. It was originally done to preserve freshness but eventually, the color tin has become iconic of the brand.

Not only do people love the contents of those easy to recognize blue tins, they also reuse them for many different purposes. If you happen to love the butter cookies, then this recipe from Brown-Eyed Baker is going to rock your world. It’s an easy recipe that lets you make those cookies for yourself and they taste authentic.

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Some copycat recipes are difficult to duplicate but this one uses simple ingredients and directions. In fact, you may already have everything you need to make these cookies, namely, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, eggs and, of course, butter.

Interestingly, Danish butter cookies are unleavened so you won’t need to use baking powder or baking soda. There is nothing in them that causes them to rise.

When you look at the full recipe, you will get an explanation from Michelle, the Brown-Eyed Baker. It would include instructions on how to prepare baking sheets and to pipe the dough so you have that beautiful swirl.

In order to make the sweet, crunchy outside you can sprinkle them with raw or granulated sugar.

You might also want to try using a cookie press rather than a pastry bag. This Wilton cookie press has 12 interchangeable plates and is only $6.64 on Amazon.

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Making your own Danish cookies is great but being able to decorate them yourself is even better. Add your own colored sprinkles or some food dye to the mix to create a rainbow of colors.

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