The Correct Way To Slice Every Fruit

We’re always learning new tricks and tips in the kitchen to help make things easier, faster, and more efficient, especially on those busy weeknights when we need to get food on the table ASAP! Even if we don’t have a time constraint, it’s still nice to be able to breeze through the prep work. Today we have an extensive list of the correct way to slice just about every fruit imaginable. Not only are these techniques quick and efficient once you get used to them, but they help you get the most out of your fruit so you end up with less food waste. It’s a win-win no matter how you slice it (pun definitely intended). Go ahead and check out the list below for some great fruit cutting techniques.

Avocados Two Ways

Avocados have made quite the splash in the culinary world as of late, especially after gaining the “superfood” status. We’ve always been a fan of avocados, and now we have a few ways to prepare them! For starters, no matter which method you choose, you’ll need to take the seed out. Simply cut the avocado in half and stick your knife in the seed and twist. It will easily come out and you can toss it aside.

The first method for cutting an avocado is to slice it in quarters and peel the skin right of. Easy peasy. The second method is to score the avocado right there in the skin with a paring knife. Then, squeeze the avocado and watch it come right out with ease!


Ah, yes, the intimidating pomegranate. Who has time to dig out those little seeds? Sure, they are delicious and add a pop of flavor to salads, side dishes, and main courses, but at what cost? This method is so simple, we can’t believe we’ve never thought of it before! Simply cut the pomegranate in half and hold it face down over a bowl. Tap the pomegranate with a spoon while rotating it and watch the seeds fall right out!

Orange Supreme

Sure, you can peel your orange and eat the slices, pith and all, but here’s the way chefs prefer to prepare their oranges. The method is called “supreme” which just means you’re getting the very best part of the orange. Start by cutting off the top and bottom, and then cut off the peel in thin slices, making sure to cut off the pith. Then, simply cut into the wedges and enjoy!


If you’ve ever sliced a mango, you know the dangers. It’s slimy, the pit is huge, and basically it’s a frustrating experience all around. No more! Start by peeling the mango with a veggie peeler. Once you get half-way through, hold the freshly peeled half in your hand with a paper towel – thus preventing slipping and sliding while you peel the other half. Brilliant! Once peeled, make your first cut about a third of the way into the mango. Repeat the cut on the other side. Once those two slices have fallen off, you’ll be able to see the pit and make your last two cuts.


Start by cutting the top and bottom off of the pineapple and then cutting off the prickly skin in strips from top to bottom. Make sure to cut deep enough to remove most of the little eyes that poke into the flesh of the fruit. Then, cut the pineapple in quarters and lay each slice on its side. You’ll be able to see the tough, wood-like center easily. Simply cut that away and then dice up your pineapple however you want!

Watch the video below for instructions on how to cut more fruit, from papayas to dragon fruit!

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