Coffee Egg Recipe From 1769

Yes, you read that right. Coffee egg recipe. Not “coffee with a side of eggs,” but egg yolks with strong coffee mixed right in! This recipe can be found in the 1769 French cookbook, “The Professed Cook.” Are you brave enough to try out this strange combination? Check out the steps in the article below, and then get a full review from one brave cook who went all in!


First, gather your ingredients. This recipe is super simple. You’ll need egg yolks, strong coffee, and sugar. Since the measurements in the old 18th century cookbook aren’t standard to today’s measurements, you’ll have to use your judgement on how much to add. In this case, the cook used six egg yolks, and two ounces of coffee per yolk, for a total of twelve ounces of coffee. The recipe states to add in sugar to taste.

Mix & Bake

Mix in warm coffee with the eggs. You’ll want to make sure the coffee isn’t hot enough to cook the eggs, but still warm enough so the sugar can dissolve. As you can see, the mixture ends up frothy and almost creamy. It looks almost too runny to be able to hold its form, but you’ll be surprised by the end result! To bake the coffee egg, pour the mixture into ceramic molds and bake at around 300 for thirty to forty minutes.

End Result

The unique coffee/egg mixture actually held up pretty well. The texture is jiggly, firm, but soft, almost creamy. While the appearance leaves a bit to be desired, the brave cook who made this recipe says it’s actually pretty good. He wasn’t sure at first what kind of recipe this was, but figured it would come out more like a dessert. He was right! According to the cook, it is basically a sweet coffee pudding. That sounds pretty delicious!

Watch the video below to get more history and details about this strange recipe!

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