How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets Using Clipboards

We all have a cabinet or two that look like they’ve been hit with a tornado. You know the ones we’re talking about. The “Oh, I’ll just toss it in here,” cabinet. The “I’ll get around to cleaning that out later,” cabinet. For some reason, the biggest disaster for us always seems to be the deep corner cabinet, with the Lazy Suzan. If this sounds familiar, read on to see how you can make a clever divider using four clipboards and some zip ties!

1. Remove Hardware

Gather up your supplies – four clipboards, some zip ties, and glue dots. Then, remove the top clip of each of the clipboards. Once the clip is removed, hammer down the sharp edges that are poking out so that everything is flat. For two of the clipboards, bend the top cirlce at a ninety degree angle.

2. Attach With Zip Ties

Next, lay the two clipboards with the flat circles down. Overlap the circles and secure with two zip ties. Then, attach the other two clip boards by lining up the circles and using more zip ties.

3. Organize!

Place your new divider inside of the Lazy Suzan and secure in place with some glue dots. Then, organize that cabinet of yours!

Get more details on this clever organization hack in the video below!

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