There’s Now A Chart For How Much Meat You Eat Off Your Chicken Wings

If you happen to be into chicken wings, you already know that they create a delicious mess. The real key to enjoying them is not how messy you get, it’s how much meat you get off of each wing.

Some people have taken the discussion of how much meat comes off of the chicken wing to the next level. It comes in the form of a visual chart from twitter user @ImpHolla. The chart classifies the amount of meat you get off the wing on a scale of 1 through 5. If you happen to fall into the category of 1, you probably just nibbled around the edges. By the time you reach a 5, you are a Jedi wing eating master.

You can see it here for yourself:

“I’m a 3 1/2,” @ImpHolla declared.

A post like this is screaming to go viral, and people started commenting with their own numbers. It seems as if there was a dividing line associated with how much was right to eat.

@mr_mookie felt that anything less than a “4” is “disrespectful”:

@brazyazzzay was kind of leaning in the other direction, probably saying that they were a 1.

@db_diva works in tandem with her husband to hit the higher numbers.

@RicepirateMick, a TODAY food editor talked about his superior skills:

It seems that everybody has an opinion and the original tweet has more than 14,000 likes and 3000 retweets.

Who’s hungry for wings?

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