World’s First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Opens In London

When I wake up, I try to be thankful for something in my life. Usually, I’m thankful for the little things: my health, my family, my job, my friends, etc. But this morning I woke up thankful for something entirely different: I’m only a 30-minute flight from London, England.

Why am I so thankful to be living a 30-minute flight away from London? Well, that’s because a new restaurant just opened up which serves cheese plates on a conveyor belt, and customers get to help themselves to whatever they want while pairing their cheeses with wine as they nosh away.

Sounds. Like. Heaven.

Pick & Cheese, at Seven Dials Market in the West End, is claiming to be the first restaurant in the world to serve conveyor-belt-style cheese. And to be honest, it’s a long time coming and the idea is way overdue. We’ve enjoyed conveyor-belt sushi for years, it’s actually mind blowing that it has taken this long to apply the concept to cheese – which is a perfect food item to be eaten in the grab-and-go style.

Pick & Cheese is an offshoot of the Cheese Bar, which is a famous spot that focuses entirely on grilled cheese sandwiches. And just like its sister restaurant, Pick & Cheese features plenty of tasty British and Irish cheeses.

And just like the conveyor-belt sushi, all the cheese plates are color-coded by price. Cream-colored plates start off around $3.70 and can go up to the $7.60 yellow plates. When you think about it, it’s actually pretty good for what you’re getting – a thoughtful cheese helping on each plate.

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'World's first' cheese conveyor-belt restaurant opens in London! 🇬🇧 Pick & Cheese, which has just launched in Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden, has a 40-meter conveyor belt that serves up a seemingly limitless supply of cheese 🧀 The restaurant, which is the brainchild of the team at the Cheese Bar, a restaurant in London's Camden Market, also holds a specially curated wine list from natural wine retailers Les Caves de Pyrene that diners can pair with the cheeses 🍷 After taking a seat at the belt, diners can pick whatever takes their fancy during the never-ending cheese parade, where plates are color-coded by price, or follow a a pre-selected "cheese flight”. 🙌🏻 . ¡El primer restaurante de cintas transportadoras de queso del mundo se abre en Londres! 🇬🇧 Pick & Cheese, que acaba de lanzarse en Seven Dials Market en Covent Garden, tiene una cinta transportadora de 40 metros que sirve un suministro aparentemente ilimitado de queso 🧀 El restaurante, que es una creación del equipo del Cheese Bar, un restaurante en el Camden Market de Londres, también tiene una lista de vinos especialmente curada de los minoristas de vinos naturales Les Caves de Pyrene que los comensales pueden acompañar con los quesos 🍷 Después de sentarse en el cinturón, los clientes pueden elegir lo que les apetezca durante el interminable desfile de queso, donde las placas están codificadas por colores por precio, o siguen un "vuelo de queso" preseleccionado 🙌🏻 . #periplos #periplosnews #periplostravel #pickandcheese #cheeseconveyorbelt #london #londres #travel #explore #wanderlust #viajesalamedida

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Each price point accounts for a variety of cheese, plus a few meat pairings. For example, on the cream-colored plates, you may find classic cheeses and their pairings like a nice clothbound cheddar with tomato relish, or a lovely, robust Stilton that comes served with a chocolate-and-oat cookie. As the prices rise, you’ll have other options that are more unusual like a Yorkshire pecorino with a locally cured bresaola – which is a salted, dried beef.

Nothing pairs better with cheese than wine, right?

So, Pick & Cheese serves wine by the 75-milliliter tasting glass in order for customers to tailor their wine to their cheese pairings, or they also sell 500 mL carafes of wine for those who don’t need to pair every cheese with a different wine. I’m one of those heathens that is happy with a standard rose and all the different cheeses – whether they pair or not. Pick & Cheese has a lovely wine list that is pretty varied, and even includes a few orange wines for any trendy customers who decide to attend.

And if decision-making isn’t your strongest trait, there is a short little “off-belt” menu from which you can choose items cooked to order, such as a four cheese grilled cheese sandwich.

There are no reservations for the seating area at the conveyor belt, however, guests are asked to only stay at the bar for a maximum of an hour in order to keep the line moving.

So, that’s all the information you need to know on Pick & Cheese. Now excuse me while I book my dirt-cheap Ryanair flight to London.

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