Three Ingredient Cake: Milk, Cookies, And Antacid

We like simple recipes, and this cake recipe sure fits the bill! It’s amazing to think you can make a cake with just crushed up cookies, milk, and a teaspoon of antacid. Yes, you read that right! Sounds too strange to be true? Follow the recipe below and then watch the video to see how it’s done. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this turns out!


As we’ve already said, this cake only has three ingredients. 150 grams of sandwich cookies, one cup of milk, and one teaspoon of antacid. Specifically, Eno antacid. You can switch out the cookies depending on your preferances. In the video below, she used the original recipe suggestion – Bourbon cookies, but she also did a version with Oreos. As long as they are sandwich cookies, the cake will turn out fine! You can also use water in place of milk.

Why It Works

Though it might sound like a strange combination, these ingredients all work together to create a surprisingly moist, spongy cake. By placing the cookies in the food processor, you’re basically making a flour. When adding the milk, you’ll get a batter of sorts. And finally, the antacid bubbles and mixes with the batter, acting as a leavening agent. The antacid is kind of like baking powder. It consists of an acid and a base, which come together when mixed with the liquid batter. This creates a bubbling reaction, which makes the batter rise, giving it that fluffy, spongy texture in the end.


As you can see, these cakes turned out really well! There are two ways to cook the cake – the traditional way, in an oven, but also you can steam the cake for twenty-five minutes or so. Both versions made a dense, moist cake, almost the consistency of banana bread.

Would you try this cake? Get the full details on the recipe below!

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