5 Things To Consider When Buying Salmon

There tends to be a lot of confusion and even flat-out ignorance when it comes to salmon these days. Farmed vs. fresh? Different varieties? Health benefits? We’ve got it all covered in the list below. Consider these things when purchasing salmon at your local grocery store!

Farmed Vs. Fresh

There is quite the debate going around about farmed salmon versus fresh salmon, and if one is healthier for you or not. While both types of salmon contain omega 3, potassium, zinc, and iron, fresh salmon certainly contains more of these healthy vitamins and minerals. So, while farmed salmon might save you a few bucks at the grocery store, you’re really getting more bang for your buck by purchasing fresh salmon.


Aside from fresh vs. farmed, the most important thing to be informed about is the different varieties of salmon. Luckily, most salmon is named after the region it’s from, like Chinook and Sockeye. However, there are a few varieties that you’re going to want to avoid. One variety of salmon, Aqua Advantage, is a genetically modified salmon created by a company called Aqua Bounty. This salmon was approved for human consumption in 2013 but has since received backlash from the public, and even caused several lawsuits. The fish is a mixture of Chinook salmon and a bottom-dwelling fish known as an ocean pout. The end result is a much larger fish that grows faster and requires less food.

Health Benefits

Most people know that eating salmon is good for you, but what are the specifics? Salmon contains a high amount of Omega 3, which helps keep skin and hair healthy, as well as helping sore joints, and possibly even lowering the risk of heart disease. Studies also show that consuming Omega 3 can help fight depression, arthritus, and osteoporosis.

Watch the video below to find out more about the salmon you buy in stores!

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