Bright Pink Valentine’s Day Fudge

Chocolate may be the traditional Valentine’s Day treat but if you want to try something new, you may want to consider a pink fudge recipe from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.

Food coloring in white chocolate fudge topped with diced maraschino cherries gives this treat an appealing appearance.

Jill Mills is the blogger for Kitchen Fun and she has a few tips for us. For example, you need to make sure the maraschino cherries dry out sufficiently after they are chopped. 30 minutes should suffice.

It is also recommended that you use parchment paper to line the fudge pan so the fudge can be removed easily after it hardens. The recommendation is to chill the fudge overnight and you can slice it into smaller chunks for snacking using a knife warmed with hot tap water. Just make sure you dry the knife before the cutting takes place!

The pink may give the cherry fudge a unique color but the process of making the fudge is not out of the ordinary. Melt some white chocolate chips in butter, sugar, cream, and salt, throw in the cherries and let the whole thing cool. Just make sure you remember the secret ingredient, marshmallow cream! Add it to the fudge when you add the white chocolate and you will enjoy some fluffy snacking.

The recipe is available here.

If you tend to be a lover of dark chocolate, then you might want to check out the Shugary Sweets blog for a cherry fudge recipe with chocolate on top.

There is not much difference in the two recipes except dried cherries are used instead of maraschino cherries. You might also appreciate the addition of some cherry gelatin, not to mention the dark chocolate topping!

Check out the Shugary Sweets blog for the full recipe.

Life is good.

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