Pancake Boards Are The Fun New Way To Serve Breakfast

You’ve heard of cheese boards and charcuterie boards, but have you ever heard of pancake boards? They are the new sensation that is going to make you love brunch like you’ve never loved it before. After all, it makes our breakfast favorite, flapjacks, the star of the show.

Pancake boards can be served at any time of the day but they are especially great for brunch. If you really love pancakes, you can eat them at every meal and try a different tray style.

At the very heart of a pancake tray are the flapjacks. From there, the sky is really the limit and you can include any toppings you like. Think of the pancakes as being a blank canvas that you can add anything to, from syrup and fruit to chocolate chips or whipped cream. You might even want to try some savory pancakes with anything from bacon and sausage to cheese and eggs.

If you are running short on inspiration, social media can help. Just check Instagram with the hashtag #pancakeboard and you will see quite a few options. These are perfect for building your own pancake board using your unique touches.

Check out this board from @everyday_tables. It has everything needed for a great breakfast.

If you want to go all-out with a brunch board, there are some examples for you. Really, is there anything pancakes can’t do?

Here is one from @jackiesboardlife with eggs, bacon, grapefruit, peanut butter, bananas, and more.

Nicole Dyer (@thatdyerlife) posted a great looking board with roasted pears, homemade raspberry compote, coconut whipped topping and pumpkin marshmallows.

“Brunch board? Pancake board? Grazing board? Whatever we are calling it… it was freaking DELICIOUS” she wrote. “So many flavor combinations created here.”

Don’t forget the kids! This creation from @homemadeforelle shows what one girl did for her family.

“My 9yo makes dinner on Mondays and tonight she made a Pancake Board,” she posted. “Complete with brown sugar candied bacon. Love how much she loves cooking!”

You might be surprised by how easy it is to load up a pancake board. You can even make it more convenient by making the pancakes in advance and freezing them.

“You can buy frozen pancakes at your local supermarket and just follow the instructions to reheat,” @perfectpearevents suggested.

There were some pancake boards made for valentine’s day as well. This one has heart-shaped pancakes, strawberries, breakfast meats, and chocolate from Rachel Goodman at @blessedmidwestmom.

Check out this beautiful board from Lauren Cooper at @laurenkandelc, a food stylist and chef.

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