Pastry Chef Reviews Boxed Cake Mixes

Everyone likes a boxed cake mix. It’s easy, it’s tasty, and it’s a great last-minute, go-to treat when you need one. There’s no shame in using boxed cake mix! However, I think we’d all agree that the results are not quite five-star quality. In the funny video below, a professional pastry chef reviews some of the most popular cake mixes. His reviews are funny, witty, and surprisingly gracious.

First up is the classic yellow cake mix. What’s not to like? Everyone had a cake like this growing up – or, if we’re honest, last week sometime, right? The official rating is 2.5 stars. The chef says the cake has a good texture, but the flavor leaves a bit to be desired.

Next up, spice cake. This one is sort of the opposite of the yellow cake. He says the taste is quite good – lots of nutmeg and warm flavors coming through, though not overpowering or too sweet. However, he describes the texture as, “damp and marshy.” Not exactly what you want your cake to feel like.

What kind of cake review would it be without chocolate cake? The chef’s review is quite simple – “It’s chocolate cake, people. You really can’t go wrong.” Well said, sir. We couldn’t agree more.

Watch the video below for the full reviews!

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