Chef Creates Mind-Bending Desserts That Resemble Everyday Objects

Ben Churchill is unlike any chef we’ve ever seen. Not only are the desserts that he creates delicious, but he looks to create food that pushes the typical boundaries of human perception.

As the old saying goes, art feeds the soul. That’s why Churchill likes to include art in the foods that he prepares. Each dessert he crafts are made to look like an array of real-life objects.

1. This may look like your typical ‘egg on toast’ breakfast. In reality, it is actually a piece of lemon sponge cake. The “egg” is made from mango yolk and whipped cream.

2. The dish may appear to be made of rocks and bolts but Churchill has something else in mind entirely. Banana and chocolate was used to create this illusion.

3. If you would like to create this dish on your own, Churchill is offering the molds. Check his Instagram bio for the link.

4. This compilation video offers access to some of his “grossest” desserts. The ashtray full of cigarette butts is a hilarious touch.

5. We have a lot of questions about this set of photos. Namely, where did he get the idea for the worm?

6. What would appear to be a rotten apple is something else entirely. An apple mousse has been filled with custard and coated in chocolate.

7. Star Wars aficionados are sure to appreciate this thoughtful treat. This Millennium Falcon is made of chocolate and has a salted caramel center.

8. If you’ve never had a carrot cake that is actually shaped like a carrot, Churchill is here to change your life for good. The soil is made of chocolate. The “plant pot” is loaded with whipped cream.

9. The perfect summer treat has been ruined! Not to worry, though. The glass is made of sugar and the soil is made of chocolate.

Those who would like to learn even more about the chef’s awesome creations are urged to check out his book, Food Illusions Vol. 1. He also offers lessons to anyone who would like to duplicate his recipes on his Instagram page. Please be sure to pass this story along to your loved ones.

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