9 Ways To Reuse Old Bakeware

Let’s face it. We all have a few pots and pans that have seen better days. Sure, you could send them off to Goodwill, or even throw them away, but before you do, take a look at these cute and clever ideas for reusing them! Even if you don’t have pots and pans you’re willing to part with, these ideas are worth a trip to your local thrift store to pick up a few for cheap. Go ahead and check out the list below!

Picture Wall

Go ahead and pick up a few round pans in different sizes and print off some of your favorite photos! Cut them down to size, and glue or tape them to the inside of the pan. This DIY is super simple, straighforward, and we think you’ll agree, totally cute!

Decorative Stand

We’re always looking for little ways to spruce up a table or empty space. Having a decorative stand like this is a great way to add height to any display area to switch up your look. You can use this as a food stand as well of you’re having a little party. Simply glue a candlestick to the bottom of a rounded pan and spray paint.

Cute Shelf

How cute is this? We’ve seen these shelves go for $50, even $100! You can get the same look by taking apart a spring form pan and adding in some wood slats to make shelves. Drill the slats in place and add decorative handles if you so desire. You can leave it as it is for a more natural look, or you can spray paint it for a more classic look. We love this idea!

Magnetic Spice Rack

If you’re anything like us, your spices are a litte… all over the place. We have the best intentions when it comes to organizing everything, but it always seems to get messed up again after a few weeks of cooking! With this brilliant idea, we can make sure everything stays in its place. Glue a large frame over a square pan. Grab a few little containers and label them before filling them up with spices. Then, add a magnet to the back of the containers and stick them up on the pan. Hang it for easy access.

Welcome Home Basket

We love this fun little welcome home sign! Take an 8 1/2 X 4 1/2 inch pan and drill it to a wooden backing after painting whatever message you want on there. You can fill it with floral foam and add some fake flowers, or you can leave it empty as a storage space for keys, wallets, sunglasses, and other things you need to grab before heading out the door!

See more ideas in the video below!

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